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Short Programmes

  • Programme Short Programmes
  • Duration 2 weeks
  • Language English
  • Start date February 2025 and July 2025
  • Place Marseille
  • ECTS credits 6
  • Presentation Short Programmes
  • Luxury Business in Provence & French Riviera
  • Managing Projects for Creative Industry
  • Practical information

Presentation Short Programmes

Marseille, France 2nd largest city and the capital of the Provence Côte d’Azur (the “French riviera”) region, also hosts the country most important harbor. In short, it is one of the most dynamic and interesting cities of the country.
The French riviera is indeed famous for such festivals as the Cannes movie festival and many
prestigious music and theater festivals. Marseille and Provence are a symbol of the French “art de vivre”.
The city is also home to the iconic OM (Olympique de Marseille) football club, which belongs to the top 20 clubs in Europe.
Through EMD Winter/Summer programs, students will learn about project management in creative industries and how the luxury industry works.

The programs are a mixed of courses, visit of local companies, as well as social activities.

We look forward to welcoming you at EMD!


Two different courses related to the most emblematic businesses of Provence and the Côte d’Azur: 


EMD in a few words


EMD is a leading business School located in Marseille in the south of France that offers a wide range of programmes in all areas of business and management. At EMD Business school, the pedagogical approach is focused on the whole person. In other words, we aim to create a strong personality, guided by interpersonal skills and knowledge across a broad range of fields.
This, in turn, helps our students to identify what is right in business environment. EMD programmes are distinguished by intensive Business Ethics and humanities courses that turn the student into a responsible and innovative professional who takes a human-centred approach to managerial decisions.

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Luxury Business in Provence & French Riviera

This course based on the luxury industry in Provence and French Riviera, with many visits to premium sites and companies, based on theoretical courses led by professionals in the luxury business.

The aim is to allow foreign students, and thus future business partners, to discover this region from a different perspective than the average tourist. Provence and the French Rivera must be presented in its best light, i.e. its best businesses, its industries and how this unique terroir influences the quality of the many products that are destined for export.


Relevancy of this program

Provence and the French Riviera region is well known throughout the world for its tourist experiences. However, it is also a leading French region for luxury goods in the following sectors:

  • Food and agro-industry: olive products, candied fruits, fresh and processed vegetables and fruits, (Marseille, Aix-en-Provence..).
  • Cosmetics and beauty: perfume museum and concrete factories around Grasse and Nice, l’Occitane en Provence in Manosque (04), Agapē group in Sablet (84) Lavender (Valensole).
  • Wine: famous AOC like Châteauneuf-du-pape, Bandol, Gigondas. Great wine estates: Minuty, Rayas, Estoublon, Château Galoubet…

schedule 27 hours + 9 hours of field visits

Bloc n°1 Part 1 (15h) : Wine and French Gastronomy add
  • Particularities of the French wine sector. Overview of the French terroir and wine culture ;
  • Enology and brand creation ; 
  • Wine industry, Innovation and sustainability in packaging and merchandising ; 
  • Wine tourism for wine connoisseurs and for tourists
  • How to export a luxury wine brand ;
  • Olive oil : analysis of the different terroirs of Provence, and how they influence on the type of food that can be produced on a given land.
Bloc n°2 Part 2 (9h) : The art of perfumery and Cosmetics add
  • History of the production of Fragrances in the Grasse area ;
  • Explanation of the fragrance industry, from the flower field to the final perfume ;
  • Lavender industry in Provence.
Bloc n°3 Part 3 (6h) : Tourism Industry add
  • Importance of Luxury tourism and its contribution to the local economy.


Students will be required to carry out oral individual presentation and a group work on a practical case study.


  • Wine tasting of various French wines with relevant explanations, visit to a well-
    known wine estate in Bandol, visit to an olive estate.
  • Cosmetic and lavender factory and shop in Sablet (84). Lunch in a picturesque
    village and free time to visit. Fragonard factory and museum in Grasse (06)
  • Emblematic luxury sites at Cannes and Nice cites…
dégustation vin
Champ de lavande
Champ d'oliviers
Visite musée du parfum grasse
Cannes city
Cannes festival
Nice, promenade des aglais

Managing Projects for Creative Industry

The South of France is region of festivals of national and international importance. From January to December, the cities move to the rhythm of more than 1000 festivals and cultural events. Theatres, exhibitions, music, opera… the choice is wide and the industry recruits and sustains an entire section of the economy.

The organization of a cultural event perfectly resembles to a business organization and requires the recruitment of several core competencies. Artists of course, but also professions that can be found in a classic company. If the fundamentals of management are very similar to those of business, the cultural sector has specificities that we will try to study in the context of this course.


Learning objectives 

The purpose of this course is to make students aware of managerial, material, human and marketing practices in the context of cultural project management.

More particularly, the analysis of the environment and the positioning of the cultural event by defining its purpose and its audience. Strategic and operational steps must then be defined, such as the management of material resources and the search for suppliers. In addition, particular attention should be paid to the constitution of the budget, the management of the ticket office, the recruitment of volunteer teams and trainees as well as the management of institutional relations (public authorities, sponsors…). Also, the organization of a cultural event requires considering the constraints of security, prevention and, more generally, issues related to social, societal and environmental responsibilities.

In terms of marketing, the management of a cultural project requires specific skills in terms of image and targeting of the population and the means of communication (written press, digital media, social networks, etc.).

schedule 27 hours + 9 hours of field visits



Students will be required to carry out oral individual presentation and a group work on a practical case study.

Opéra Marseille
Festival Marseille
Concert Marseille
Festival de musique Marseille
Pièce de théatre marseille
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Practical information

Application deadlines

  • November 15 th for EMD Winter school.
  • March 15th for EMD Summer school.



EMD helps students to find suitable accommodation (single/double rooms with cooking facilities) at an affordable cost within walking distance from the campus (located 5 mn walk from the main train and metro station “Saint Charles”). The school has its own cafeteria and is surrounded by many shops.

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